11 May 1998 GENERATION 1 1. William WYAT. Married Agnes WIGAN. Children of William WYAT and Agnes WIGAN: 2 i Robert WYAT GENERATION 2 2. Robert WYAT. Married Jane SKIPWORTH, daughter of Richard SKIPWORTH. Children of Robert WYAT and Jane SKIPWORTH: 3 i Godfrey WYAT GENERATION 3 3. Godfrey WYAT. Married Anna. Children of Godfrey WYAT and Anna: 4 i Richard WYAT GENERATION 4 4. Richard WYAT. Married Margaret CLARKE, daughter of William BAYLIFF ALIAS CLARKE. Children of Richard WYAT and Margaret CLARKE: 5 i Henry WYAT, b. 1460, Southauge, d. 1537 GENERATION 5 5. Henry WYAT, born 1460, Southauge[1]. Died 1537[1]. Married Anne SKINNER, daughter of John SKINNER. An ardent Lancastrian, he was imprisoned during the reign of Richard III (1483-1485). Family records in possession of the Earl of Romney state that while in prison he was saved from starvation by a cat that brought him pigeons to eat. He was later knighted, after which he bought Allington Castle, near Maidstone, Kent, ca. 1493. At the accession of Henry VIII he became a Knight of the Bath, 1509, and a Knight Banneret in 1513. He held various offices at Court. His portrait was painted by Holbein ca. 1527/8. The original hangs in the Louvre (EB 1948 23:819). Children of Henry WYAT and Anne SKINNER: 6 i Thomas WYATT, b. 1503, England, d. 1542, Dorset GENERATION 6 6. Thomas WYATT, born 1503, Allington Castle, Maidstone, Kent, England[1]. Died 11 Oct 1542, Sherbourne, Dorset[1]. Married 1520, Elizabeth BROOKE, daughter of Thomas BROOKE and Dorothy HEYDEN. Occupation: Poet of Allington Castle. Statesman and Poet in the service of Henry VIII. Children of Thomas WYATT and Elizabeth BROOKE: 7 i Thomas WYATT, b. 1521, Allington Castle, d. 1554, Tower of London (?) GENERATION 7 7. Thomas WYATT, born 1521, Allington Castle[1]. Died 11 Apr 1554, Tower of London (?)[1]. Married Jane HAWTE, born 1522[1], daughter of Sir William HAWTE and Lady HAWTE. Occupation: L. Jane Grey throne try.. Thomas WYATT and _____ had no children. Children of Thomas WYATT and Jane HAWTE: i Anne WYATT. 8 ii Jane WYATT 9 iii George WYATT, d. 1623 GENERATION 8 8. Jane WYATT. Married Charles SCOTT, died 1617, Egerton, Kent, son of Sir Reginald SCOTT and Mary TUKE. Children of Jane WYATT and Charles SCOTT: 10 i Thomas Scott of EGERTON, d. 1635 9. George WYATT. Died Aug 1623[1]. Married 8 Oct 1582[1], Jane FINCH, died after 1639, daughter of Thomas FINCH. Children of George WYATT and Jane FINCH: i Francis WYATT. Married Margaret. ii Hawte WYATT. Buried 1 Aug 1638, Boxley[1]. Went to Virginia with his brother but later returned to England, where he became Vicar of Boxley. Many American descendants. iii Eleanor WYATT. Married John FINCH. GENERATION 9 10. Thomas Scott of EGERTON. Died 1635. Married Jane KNATCHBULL, daughter of John_Knatchbull of Mersham HATCH and Ma KNATCHBULL. Married Mary nee?? SCOTT, died after 1635. Children of Thomas Scott of EGERTON and Jane KNATCHBULL: i Dorthea SCOTT, born 1611, Kent, England. Died 1680. Married Daniel GOTHERSON, died 1666, Kent, England. Married Joseph HOGBIN, died before 1680. Wrote Quaker book `A Call to Repentence', published in London in 1661. Moved to Oyster Bay, Long Island and left many American descendants. Thomas Scott of EGERTON and Mary nee?? SCOTT had no children. --------------- Sources of information: [1] CSC. Index of Persons in this Report (first occurrence) Name Birth Death # BAYLIFF ALIAS CLARKE, William 4 BROOKE, Elizabeth 6 BROOKE, Thomas 1529 6 CLARKE, Margaret 4 EGERTON, Thomas Scott of 1635 10 FINCH, Jane 1639 9 FINCH, John 9 FINCH, Thomas 9 GOTHERSON, Daniel 1666 10 HATCH, John_Knatchbull of M 1616 10 HAWTE, Jane 1522 7 HAWTE, Lady 7 HAWTE, Sir William 7 HEYDEN, Dorothy 6 HOGBIN, Joseph 1680 10 KNATCHBULL, Jane 10 KNATCHBULL, Ma 10 SCOTT, Charles 1617 8 SCOTT, Dorthea 1611 1680 10 SCOTT, Mary nee?? 1635 10 SCOTT, Sir Reginald 8 SKINNER, Anne 5 SKINNER, John 5 SKIPWORTH, Jane 2 SKIPWORTH, Richard 2 TUKE, Mary 8 WIGAN, Agnes 1 WYAT, Godfrey 3 WYAT, Henry 1460 1537 5 WYAT, Richard 4 WYAT, Robert 2 WYAT, William 1 WYATT, Anne 7 WYATT, Eleanor 9 WYATT, Francis 9 WYATT, George Aug 1623 9 WYATT, Hawte 9 WYATT, Jane 8 WYATT, Thomas 1521 11 Apr 1554 7 WYATT, Thomas 1503 11 Oct 1542 6 ____, Anna 3 ____, Margaret 9