The Dade Family of Virginia intermarried with the Townshend Family. Many of the descendants were given Townshend as their first name. Here we discuss a few of the early bearers of the name Townshend Dade.

Captain Townshend Dade (1766 - ?)

Portrait in my Collection.

Copyright A. Wootten 1997
This portrait is of Captain Townshend Dade b. 3 Jun 1766 in St. Paul's Parish, the son of Horatio Dade (1724-1781/2) and Mary Stuart (1726 - 1799) who were married 14 Jan 1753. It was reportedly made in Paris when Capt. Dade was there. The history of ownership of the portrait is written on its back, and attests to the identity of Capt. Dade as the person portrayed. I do not know of any marriages of this Capt. Dade, nor of his date of death, nor of any children. I presume that the painting has come down a collateral line to me because of a lack of more direct heirs.

In the VSLA Papers S. R. Number SR09480 Repository Public Record Office Class H. C. A. 32/775 no. 136. Title High Court of Admiralty. Prize Papers. Napoleonic Wars Dates 1979 (sic)-1798, 1802, 1804 we find the following:
Invoice for 223 hogsheads of tobacco shipped by Robert Hooe and Co. on board the Jane and Rachel, Townshend Dade, master, Alexandria, April 18, 1798. Wilson has the right to direct the Jane and Rachel to any market which appears to be available. Little prospect of safety in French ports. London a better market. Details of the best goods to ship from London. ALSO: The Jane and Rachel had also carried tobacco to Europe in the summer of 1797 according to the same document. ALSO: no. 3. Robert Hooe and Co. to Thomas Wilson, Alexandria April 23, 1798. details of the insurance of the Jane and Rachel and the Nancy. I must look these up sometime--perhaps this portrait was painted during the visits documented by these ancient papers!!

Rev. Townshend Dade (1742 - 1822)

My wife is a descendant of Townshend Dade, first Rector of Christ Church Alexandria. At the Revolution, he left his post with the British Church and retired to his home, `Friend's Advice', in Montgomery County Maryland, which he had built ca. 1768. From his wife, Mary Simmons, came a tract of several hundred acres in the upper part of the county near Boyds where the house was built. The house still stands.

person: Rev. Townshend DADE (400)

born: 15 JAN 1742.
died: 6 FEB 1822, Montgomery County, MD.
father: Townshend DADE, b. 1707., d. 1781, VA. (409)
mother: Parthenia (Alexander) MASSEY, b. 1709, Va., d. 1742. (410)
spouse: Mary SIMMONS, m. 1784. (401)
child: Col. Robert Townshend DADE, b. 1786., d. 1873, MD. (389)
child: Elizabeth DADE, b. 1788. (402)
child: Parthenia Anne DADE, b. 1791., d. 1792. (403)
child: Parthenia Anne DADE, b. 1794., d. 1828. (404)
child: Eleanor DADE, b. 1797., d. 1864. (405)

Rev. Dade is my wife's great great great great grandfather.

And there are other Townshend Dades:

xperson: Townshend DADE (3464)

x born: 28 Oct 1760, St. Paul's Parish.

x died:

x father: Cadwallader DADE, b. 1693., d. 1761, Virginia. (435)

x x mother: Sarah BERRYMAN, d. 1798. (3462)

person: Townshend DADE (434)

x born: __ ___ 1688, Stafford Co., Va.

x died: 9 JUN 1761, Stafford Co., Va.

x father: Francis DADE, b. 1659., d. 1694. (432)

x mother: Frances TOWNSHEND, b. 1667., d. 1726, Virginia. (433)

x spouse: Elizabeth ALEXANDER, m. 1714. (1495)

x child: Baldwin DADE, b. 1716, Va., d. 1783, Va. (1496)

x child: Langhorne DADE, b. 1718., d. 1753. (1497)

x child: Robert DADE, b. 1723., d. 1756, MD. (1498)

x child: Horatio DADE, b. 1724., d. 1782, Va. (1499)

x child: Frances DADE, b. 1726., d. young. (1500)

x child: Frances Townshend DADE, b. 1732, St. Paul's Parish. (1501)

x child: Elizabeth DADE, b. 1734, St. Paul's Parish. (1502)

x child: Cadwallader DADE, b. 1736. (1503)

Genealogical information from family records, and from `John Alexander, A Northern Neck Proprietor His Family, Friends and Kin' by Wesley E. Pippenger. Gateway Press, Baltimore 1990.

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