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Howdy, navigator of the electron seas! Welcome to my cove. I just put a page from each of my avocational interests below as a guide to the topics we might discuss by the fire here.

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My Son Nate's Home Page
My Son Darby's Band Home Page
Black Hole Chili Home Page
Victor Lynn Lines
Lower DelMarVa Genealogy Society
GHOTES Genealogy and History of the Eastern Shore
Delaware Genealogy

Wootten Genealogy of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and Delaware.

Wyatt Genealogy.

Parsons Genealogy of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and Delaware (postscript and html).

Parsonsburg People Genealogy of the Wicomico County, Eastern Shore of Maryland town.

Etha Parsons Yohe's Herbal Remedies from old Parsonsburg, Md.

The Layfield Genealogy of the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Maryland.

And some links for my wife's side of the family: Her Dad: Jim Darby's 85th Birthday Page ! Hey he is 90 now!

Townshend Dade of Virginia and Maryland.

For genealogical record-keeping, I use LifeLines for MacOSX, Unix or DOS:
Dan's LifeLines page.
The DOS version seems to work fine at least with MicroEMACS 3.12 for the editor.
LifeLines Home page.
LifeLines at SourceForge.

Ida Lee Wootten Home Page(my wife).

The view from Slacktide.
Nate Wootten Home Page (my son).

James Wootten's Band Satisfied Curiosity's Home Page (my son).

Hey! Let's all go to my favorite telescope!!

Synandrospadix is found in Argentina near Salta not far from my favorite telescope.

Plant Links

American Orchid Society
  • List of Orchid Genera, including Hybrids
    International Aroid Society
    A. titanum

    A. titanum (Kew)

    Astronomy Link

    A LIST of known interstellar molecules!
    A LIST of papers I have authored!

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